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Our aim is to help you replace broken broken,bent or worn window hinges or to update your window hinges to meet new building regulations.Over the past 20 years there have been so many window hinges produced that are now obsolete you will find it impossible to buy the exact hinge you need. The hinges we sell are all metal with no plastic ends that crack or break.These window hinges are what we use ourselves on all repairs to windows and will make replacing your hinges straight forward.The window hinges are suitable for upvc windows and aluminium windows and some wooden windows.If you have any questions  please telephone on the above number where we will be only to pleased to advise you how to replace  the hinges or friction stays.
Friction Stays/window Hinges
Hinges - Lengths available are 8, 10, 12, 20 and 24 inch.
Lengths available are 8, 10, 12, 20 and 24 inch.

Also available on request fire escape hinges and restrictor hinges.

Prices  from £7.99 for a pair

Restrictor Hinges

Restrictor Hinges
Prices from £10.99 for a pair
For use in UPVC and aluminium windows. Easy button press system.
Lengths available are 12, 16, 20 and 24 inch.
 Friction Stays/Hinges

Lengths available - 8, 10, 12, & 20 inch.
Width - 18mm, Stack Height - (Thickness) - 14mm

Fire Escape Hinges


Fire escapewindow hinges 12 or 16 inches long to give a 90 degree opening for windows requiring fire escape. Easy to fit , solid all steel formation for long lasting use. Prices from £14.99 per pair.

Window hinge /Friction Stay Problems

The main reason a window hinge or friction stay needs replacing is when the black or grey friction block on the window hinge breaks in two. See picture below.

Other reasons window hinges or friction stays need replacing ;

1) when you close your window you can feel a draught along or down the hinge side of the window
2) when you close your window the window does not pull in at the top or down the side of the window.
3) A rivet may have broken from the window hinge leaving the window unable to be closed.
4) with larger windows the hinges can bend and buckle when you try to close the window leaving the window impossible to close.

Please note that although your window hinges seem to work properly if you are feeling draughts through the window when it is in the closed position then it is almost certainly the window hinges that are worn. A good test is to use a credit card , if the card can slide easily between the opening vent and the rubber gasket on the outer frame the the window hinges are almost certainly worn.

How do I know which window hinge I need ?

You will need to measure the length of the window hinge that is fitted to the outer frame (i.e. the part of the window hinge the friction block slides along shown in the picture above).The window hinge sizes available are 8 , 10, 12, 16, 20 or 24 inches long or 205mm , 255mm , 305mm , 410mm , 510mm , 610mm.

In the past there were varying widths of window hinges from 14mm to 18mm , nowadays the vast majority are 18mm with the odd window hinge 17mm wide classed as a slim line window hinge.

The window hinge normally sits in a channel on the outer frame 18mm wide however because of the hundreds of different upvc profiles manufactured over the years some of the early profiles had a channel less than 18mm. If the channel on your windows is less than 18mm then there will almost certainly be a upvc rib which can easily be chiselled off allowing the new window hinges to sit in the right position.

How easy is it to fit new window hinges?

Firstly you need to remove the window hinges from the outer frame either by unscrewing the existing screws or drilling off the rivet heads if they were riveted to the window frame.You then pull the opening window vent out of the frame as shown in the picture above. You will have the opening window vent with the 2 window hinges attached.

You then need to mark the existing position of the window hinges attached to the vent as shown below.

Mark with a pencil where the existing window hinge is positioned , you will see a horizontal line where the hinge is cranked.If the hinge is plastic at the at the top mark where the plastic ends.This is critical as the top point of the hinge must protrude from the window vent exactly the same amount when you fit the new window hinges.

Unscrew the existing screws or drill off the rivet heads to remove the old hinge as shown below.

Fit the new hinge onto the window frame as show below.

When the hinge is lined up with the pencil mark as shown above screw the hinge onto the window vent.

Position the window vent with the to new window hinges back into its opening as shown below.Normally the window hinges need to be positioned as high as they can in the channel , sometimes they are positioned slightly different.This should be noted before taking the vent out .

Fix the new window hinges with self tapping screws .Two of the holes in each window hinge will be elongated allowing the window vent to be moved up or down slightly.When the window hinges are in the correct position screw a self tapper screw into the final hole to hold in position.